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About us

Shanghai Baohong Culture Communication Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional artists promotion and tour agencies in China, which is committed to  promoting the excellent artists & musician groups as well as the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign art industies. The company was founded in 2011 with a registered capital of 2,000,000 yuan and a staff of 8. Our main business involves symphony orchestra concerts, dance shows, pop singers' concerts & ads campaign and stage play for children.

In the past 7 years, we have arranged more than 10 countries' 30 groups to tour in China, which including famous singer Sarah Brightman's 2016 China Tour, Russian Singer Vitas' 2015&2016 China Tour, Isreal National Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Lativia National Symphony Orchestra, Milan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Belarus National Concert Hall Ballet Troupe, US AOV Dance group, Italian Mezzotono Vocal Group, Pianist Yaron Kohlberg, Fiona Hawkins, Accordionist Martynas' concert .,etc

As an agency with well-preserved reputation, we have maintained a good relathionship with government and venues across in China, our concerts and shows had been held in more than 100 diffirent cities in China. Our tours and projects are highly praised by government culture departments and supported by National Art Fund.

Baohong Culture's Officail Bussiness Licence & Government's Permit for arranging Artists' Tour:



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